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Why choose a Direct Hire with Hospital?


 Will this be a permanent full time position?

Yes, you will be offered a full-time permanent position while working for the hospital.

Will I know where I am going?

Your job location will be given before your arrival to the US 

Is there stability for me and my family?

You can expect to have a stable residing place for you and your family. You can stay at the same facility for the duration of your contract. 

Who will pay my salary?

You will get paid directly by the hospital.

With a Direct Hire will my past experience be counted?

You will receive the same pay and benefits of all other nurses with the equivalent qualifications and experience.


What can I expect in regards to training?

Hospitals offer unique and a successfully structured TAP orientation and training programs.

Do hospitals deal with International nurses on a regular basis?

You will be employed by one of our best facilities in the US. They have more experience with bringing in international nurses than almost any other US employer.


Will I be transitioned with experienced representatives? Does the legal team have experience and success with petitions for registered nurses?

Hospitals have an extremely experienced and knowledgeable staff working diligently to make the international program a success. They have an international recruitment department, associated expert legal teams experienced training and orientation teams to help make this a smooth transition for you. ClearLite licensing team will also assist you throughout this process.


Are there other international nurses?

You will be supported by the enormous “ buddy system” of foreign nurses that have and will be working at the facility.


Who will be the sponsor of my green card?

Hospital will be your sponsor. You will not be petitioned through a third party


Is Florida a good place to live?

The opportunity to live the “Southern American” lifestyle, warm weather, beautiful sandy beaches nearby, be close to the home of Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney world), and many other fun-filled attractions makes this an excellent choice.

Important Links


CGFNS is a qualifying examination that every foreign trained nurse needs to take to work in the US. Whether you are a registered nurse through a graduate program or Diploma, you need to clear this examination to work in the US. The exam is conducted in various parts of the world and is organized by the Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools.


To practice the profession of nursing in the United States, all nurses are required to take the NCLEX-RN examination in the US, for the particular state. A passing score must be obtained to be designated  Registered Nurse or an RN.

The NCLEX-RN is a computerized test and test results are forwarded to the individual State Board of Nursing who will then notify the nurse of their test outcome. Simultaneously, licenses are issued to candidates that have successfully passed the exam.

Approximately 85% of the states require a CGFNS certificate from foreign-trained nurses before they are allowed to take the NCLEX-RN.
California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, and South Carolina do not require CGFNS as a precursor in order to take the NCLEX-RN exam. New York is independent in its process of educational evaluation for foreign-trained nurses. New York does not require the CGFNS, however still uses CGFNS in its process.


For nurses who have not undertaken their professional training in the United States, Canada or the UK, the American immigration process re-quires you to take either the IELTS (International English Language Testing
System) or the TOEFL/TSE (Test of English as a Foreign Language/Test of Spoken English) tests. It is the standard examination for many universities entrance exams for those whose first language is not English. Countries such as the United States, and Canada accept it.


TSE is an international test designed to measure oral proficiency in the English language. The examinee is given some speech tasks which include functions such as providing directions, telling a story, speaking on a
given topic and so on.   Responses are recorded via tape for evaluation by
experts. In order to be placed abroad, a score of 50 or more is required rather than a band of score of 20 – 60.The test is conducted in various locations worldwide, including numerous centers in India.

Please refer to the links below for information regarding testing centers, locations and registering.

RN License Timeframes And Cost By State

We want to make the process of getting licensed as convenient as possible.
For more information about licensing time frames, click here to become familiar with the terminology and everything else you need to know about applying for a license in a new state.

Please note that time frames for verifications, transcripts, and background checks can affect the processing times for travel nurses.
Please note that each persons status may vary. Please contact us to get more detailed information.
Time frames are subject to change! Click here to contact the Board of Nursing

Visa Screen Certificate
When you have the Visa Screen certificate, it is a proof that you have completed arequired screening program for healthcare professionals. This qualifies you for a Permanent Residency visa for nursing employment in the US.


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